Christopher Nolan Chooses Next Labyrinthine Project

January 10, 2013


Christopher Nolan has reportedly chosen his first post-Batman project, and like Inception, it's a convoluted, layered sci-fi tale that's going to lose my mom in the first ten minutes.

The Hollywood Reporter claims several sources have confirmed Nolan is in talks to produce and direct Interstellar, a film said to involve time travel and worm holes and alternate dimensions and other devices to make this into a real twisted knot of Nolan. Spielberg had long been attached to the project but seems to have abandoned it--plus, the script comes from Nolan's brother Jonathan, so, dibs.

The exact story hasn't been revealed, but its groundwork is reportedly based on actual, speculative theories from renowned physicist Kip Thorne. When Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy end up going through a wormhole to have a gun fight with themselves, that will be Science.

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