Dakota Fanning Is Errol Flynn's Teenage Mistress

January 24, 2013


Twilight fans mourning the end of the series and looking for more Dakota Fanning, and more teenage girls creepily involved with old guys who admittedly look pretty good for their age, can start anticipating another film with those things.

Fanning has reportedly joined the cast of The Last of Robin Hood, writer-directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland's film about Errol Flynn's tragic final years, when the married 50-year-old was still tragically having sex with a 17-year-old until his liver finally gave out. She'll play said teen, Beverly Aadland, a young actress whom Flynn allegedly got involved with when she was just 15. And he wasn't even supernatural or anything. Just a standard creep.

Kevin Kline is playing Flynn, the actor whose penchant for swashbuckling was matched only by his reported passion for statutory rape. He was cleared of that criminal charge in 1942, but more allegations surfaced after his untimely death. L. Ron Hubbard's son came forward to claim his father and Flynn would partake in sex with underage girls, and Aadland's mother Flornence (to be played by Susan Sarandon) wrote a 1961 book detailing the actor's relationship with her daughter. Beverly Aadland later confirmed the romance, in case it wasn't already confirmed enough when Flynn reportedly met with Stanley Kubrick to pitch for himself and his mistress to star in Lolita--which, come on, a little on-the-nose, huh, Errol?

Shooting on The Last of Robin Hood is expected to begin next month. Though it's usually a pretty fun time when Kevin Kline gets to wear a little mustache, in this instance, it will probably be sort of gross.

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