Disney Announces Release Dates for 'Muppets 2', 'Johnny Depp Pirate... Again!', and More

January 14, 2013


Pull out your pocket calendars, Disney fans, because I've got some dates you'll want to stay un-imprisoned for in the coming year.

Firstly, remember how The Little Mermaid was set for a fall 2013 3D re-release? Well, it turned out converting Sebastian to 3D let you see into his crabsoul, and people were going insane, so that's not happening anymore.

Disney seems to be pretty confident in their Angelina Jolie-starring Maleficent, though. That was previously scheduled for a release next spring, but has now been pushed back into the busy July blockbuster season, when dinosaurs will be ruling the earth, again. It hits theaters July 2, 2014.

With Maleficent's move un-crowding March 2014, that's now where The Muppets 2 is headed, opening on the 21st, right in the heart of prime felt season.

And, hey, do you like Incredibles director Brad Bird, science fiction, and/or George Clooney? Then Happy Christmas, friend: Bird's top secret sci-fi project, 1952, will on December 19, 2014 reveal to us what that is about besides George Clooney.

Finally, you're going to have to wait long into the future for the latest adventure of Johnny Depp being a zany pirate. The latest Pirates of the Caribbean film won't be coming out until July 10, 2015. See it opening day, with whatever family you have left at that point!

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