'Django Unchained' Has Gratuitous Blood Connection with 'Pulp Fiction'

January 22, 2013


As the sort of Tarantino fans who would care about this kind of thing already know, the writer-director likes to sometimes link his films together with tenuous bloodlines: Inglourious Basterds' Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth) is father to True Romance's Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek); Reservoir Dogs' Vic Vega (Michael Madsen) is brother to Pulp Fiction's Vince Vega (Travolta); all of Samuel L. Jackson's characters are the same immortal, shouting-powered android. And now a new inconsequential lineage has been found.

As noticed by reddit's thefirerisesnolan and laid out below (via), it seems that a bounty-hunted criminal in the recent Django Unchained may share a bloodline with Christopher Walken's diligent watch deliveryman of Pulp Fiction. Beyond both bearing the last name "Koons," you can find further evidence of their likely connection in this interview, in which Tarantino confirms Django has a link "so minor" that he can't actually remember it. Thank god for the internet, still making personal memory redundant.


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