'Girl Who Played with Fire' May Go On Without Daniel Craig

January 31, 2013


Thought dead due to missed box office expectations and the fact Fincher agreed to some other thriller about a girl, Sony's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel may now live on by cutting the budget. The secret? Writing out Daniel Craig's character, who could now maybe always be "off fiddling in his computer room; you know him."

Though the original film made $223 million on its $90 million budget--despite an R-rating and and the stigma of fraudulent pubes--THR claims the studio is nonetheless "hellbent on reducing the cost of the next chapter," which could mean pay cuts for all involved. Unfortunately, after the billion-dollar success of Skyfall, co-star Daniel Craig is looking for, if anything, a pay raise--even though his character has a diminished role in The Girl Who Played with Fire, and he really did a terrible job covering Rooney Mara's nipples--leading Sony to now threaten that they'll simply write him out entirely, sources say.

Craig's reps, meanwhile, say negotiations haven't even started, suggesting the whole story could all be posturing on Sony's part, hoping to get a better deal out of James Bond. Guess we'll find out later, when or if all the scenes with Mikael Blomkvist involve him reading a newspaper or getting a facial.

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