Jason Schwartzman, Jonathan Ames Also Doing Other, Non-'Bored to Death' Movie

January 25, 2013


Turns out that Bored to Death movie is not the only feature film author Jonathan Ames and fictional Jonathan Ames, Jason Schwartzman, are planning. They are also planning another thing!

That thing: an adaptation of Pictures of Fidelman, the late New York author Bernard Malamud's 1969 collection of short stories. Ames and Schwartzman optioned the book together, and plan to use the stories "Still Life" and "Naked Nude" for the majority of the film, which centers on the "various comedic entanglements and perilous situations" of a Bronx art student visiting Rome. As the official embodiment of young, creative-type misadventures, Schwartzman will obviously star, with Bored to Death's Stephanie Davis producing. Ted Danson will hopefully do something. Please don't relegate him to just CSI and weekends shopping with Mary Steenburgen.

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