J.J. Abrams Grants Dying Fan's Wish of Seeing 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'

January 3, 2013


In a bright, uplifting showing of J.J. Abrams setting aside his usual ways to give audiences the fulfilling closure they're all hoping for, the ultra-secretive director and Paramount reportedly recently screened the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness for a sick fan as his dying wish.

According to reports, the tale unfolded on Reddit, beginning with a Christmas Day plea to give a cancer-stricken trekker named Dan the shot at seeing the film, or at least the nine-minute preview that screened before The Hobbit--which, due to his rapidly-degenerating state, he was unable to see in the theater himself.

The community got behind the cause and, amazingly, the message somehow got passed along to the right people; within a couple days, Abrams himself had contacted the ailing fan's wife to set up a private screening of the full, nearly-completed film. According to New York Asian Film Festival co-founder Grady Hendrix, who seems to have played a part in orchestrating the effort, Dan managed to see the film on the 29th "and loved it," which is great, because it would be really depressing if the story got this far and ended with "and it was a terrible movie and Benedict Cumberbatch ends up being Evil, British Riker, which doesn't even make sense."

Abrams and the studio have not yet commented on the story nor confirmed how it's sort of like the plot of Fanboys.

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