Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Chuck Could Also Star in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

January 3, 2013


Remember all those 30-something white guys Marvel was considering for the lead in The Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, the studio just remembered a couple more guys who meet that description, so now they're up for the part too.

According to Deadline, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and earlier Zachary Levi have also been added to the not-so-shortlist for the role of half-alien hero Star-Lord in Marvel's upcoming team-up film.

Gordon-Levitt, as you probably recall, was also rumored to take over the role of Batman after the events of The Dark Knight Rises basically implied as much, and he's certainly shown an aptitude for gravitas in the face of superhero absurdities and time-traveling Bruce Willises. Levi, meanwhile, is also somewhat uniquely suited for the role, as the Guardians of the Galaxy team includes a talking raccoon, which is of course right in Levi's wheelhouse.

It's not yet clear if these guys or any of the slew of other contenders--Eddie Redmayne, Jim Sturgess, Joel Edgerton, Lee Pace, Jack Huston, James Marsden, Garrett Hedlund, and Sullivan Stapleton, reportedly--have yet been offered the part. But now that Levi's in the mix, John Krasinski would like to at least be half-heartedly tossed in the mix as a goodwill gesture.

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