Kenneth Branagh's Princess Dreams Answered with 'Cinderella'

January 31, 2013


After years of hopeful daydreaming, Kenneth Branagh's fairy tale wishes may at last be coming true.

According to Vulture, Disney is offering Branagh the chance to direct their new adaptation of Cinderella, meaning he would get to meet the princess, and help her pick out her princess dress, and decide the handsome prince she will fall in love with and marry, and make it all just how he wrote it in his diary. Assuming negotiations work out, the only element that might not fit in with Branagh's girlish daydreams is the casting of the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine: back before Mark Romanek dropped out of the project, Cate Blanchett had been signed on to the role, and she is said to remain attached. But don't get in a huff, Kenneth. Maybe the prince could ride in on a horse, and you could get to keep it if you promise to take care of it!

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