Liam Neeson Locked into Doing This Same Shit Some More

January 17, 2013


His face is frozen into a permanent scowl; his gnarled hand incapable of unclenching from the grip of a semiautomatic handgun; he can only communicate in his own invented language, an allegorical tongue spoken in terms of finding and killing people; yet still a brave Liam Neeson continues to hide his growing afflictions from fans under the cover of acting, now signing on to star as scowly-gun-guy again in the action-thriller Run All Night.

The film comes from Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously had Neeson running around shooting in Unknown, and will next make him do that again in the similarly kinetic-sounding Non-Stop. Neeson will, of course, basically play Taken again as a man protecting his family by way of a very particular set of murder skills: he'll be a mob hitman who somehow has a falling out with his organization, sending he and his estranged son on the run, then on the run back at them to "take on his former boss." Then a production assistant will swab the blood off Neeson's grimace, and the actor will scamper off to the set of Taken 3, no one the wiser that, really, he wishes he could just smile.

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