M. Night Shyamalan Developing 'Longform Event Series' for Fox

January 8, 2013


Because if there's one thing M. Night Shyamalan needs, it's more time to draw out expectations before delivering whatever abrupt conclusion he deems adequately mind-blowing, Fox has decided to give him that.

The company and their recently-formed FX Prods. have revealed that they're putting into production Wayward Pines, a "longform event drama series"--which I guess is like a miniseries, but shown weekly like a normal series--from M. Night Shyamalan and The Playboy Club creator Chad Hodge. Based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch, the story focuses on a secret service agent investigating the disappearance of some fellow agents in a rural Idaho town. Soon after arriving, the agent is violently stripped of his belongings and finds himself fenced in by an electric perimeter and unable to contact the outside world. And this time the culprit apparently isn't William Hurt nor the woods itself, because Shyamalan already did that. Maybe the agent ends up being a delusional stray dog that's been in a kennel the whole time?

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