Mike Tyson To Be Convicted Murderer, on 'SVU' if Nowhere Else

January 11, 2013


Breaking free of the pigeonholing and pigeon-rearing that has long left him resigned to mostly playing himself, Mike Tyson will flex his dramatic acting muscles with a guest role in an upcoming episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU.

His dedicated "method" study of sexual assault would seem to make him a natural candidate to play one of the Special Victim Unit's ever-growing list of satisfying convictions, but Deadline reports Tyson will instead be playing an already-jailed man--a murderer on death row whose "violent actions may in part be the byproduct of a horrible childhood." As is so often the case with a Law & Order, the episode will also mark the point when one actor's gradual ascension meets another's sad decline: Ed Asner too has a guest role, "as someone connected to the investigation." Given what we know of Tyson's role, that should probably be read as "Ed Asner runs an orphanage or something and has been molesting all the kids for years and now Mariska Hargitay will be taking you to jail, sir."

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