'Mood Indigo' Trailer: Michel Gondry Is Back, in a Cloud Car

January 25, 2013


His whimsy reserves at last replenished after his draining work on The Green Hornet, Michel Gondry is back at full childlike wonderment for Mood Indigo, starring Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris, and aggressively-charming dream logic.

The director has been pretty busy as of late--a comically-large, latex hand-ful of gumdrops giving him the energy to do an animated short about a hair-cutting mouse, and supposedly a hand-animated Noam Chomsky documentary--but judging by this trailer, Mood Indigo (or L'écume des jours, which does not quite translate to that) looks to be his most expectedly-offbeat feature in some time.

This first look is in French, but even for non-speakers, it seems to get the basic idea across: there's love, there's sadness, there's an underwater wedding, a conveyor belt of typewriters, and cars made of plexiglass and clouds. And according to the official synopsis, there is also a water lily growing in Tautou's lung. In other words, on the Audrey Tautou Scale of Delightfully-Eccentric Romance, this thing has wrecked the curve. Amélie will now be taking this class again with The Da Vinci Code.

(Now with English subtitles if you turn on the captions!)

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