New 'Terminator' Still Happening, Has Some Writers Now

January 17, 2013


In the year-and-a-half since Megan Ellison acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise, there hasn't been a lot of movement outside the gradual descent of the former Governor's former pecs. Already the slow pace has possibly cost the film director Justin Lin, and the last update Ellison gave was close to a year ago, when she assured the Terminator fans of that the film will have an R rating. But now have a new reason for excitement, as the film is apparently still happening, and has some writers in Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier.

Kalogridis already has some experience in the world of James Cameron, having produced Avatar and written the manga-based Battle Angel that Cameron occasionally remembers he has plans to direct. She also wrote Shutter Island and Alexander. Lussier, meanwhile, most-recently wrote the Nicolas Cage vehicle Drive Angry 3D, and before that wrote the story for Dracula 2000--a film that gave Kalogridis a "special thanks," which she is now repaying by giving Lussier a less demeaning job than "story writer, Dracula 2000."

Arnold has been expected to return, but it is still not clear how the film will explain away the robot killing machine's ever-growing laugh lines. Physically, it would seem there's no way, but then again, that's what was once foolishly said about Eddie Murphy being Schwarzenegger's triplet, until we realized we could just explain it somehow.

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