Now We Have Two John McAfee Movies

January 23, 2013


Like fellow early computer pioneer Steve Jobs--except with the look of a meth-addled surfer, and crazy eyes that may have watched a man die--John McAfee is getting not one but two films.

With the fugitive 66-year-old anti-virus inventor suspected of illegal drug manufacturing and, more recently, sought as a person of interest in the murder of an American expatriate in Belize, Warner earlier this month decided the McAfee story would make for more than just a great Symantec ad, purchasing the film rights to Joshua Davis's Wired magazine article John McAfee's Last Stand. They reportedly hired John Requa and Glenn Ficarra to write, direct, and produce the film, trusting the team that directed Crazy, Stupid, Love., and wrote Bad Santa and I Love You, Phillip Morris, to give the crime tale some comic irreverence and shots of Ryan Gosling's abs.

Now comes news Montreal's Impact Future Media and fellow Canadians Equinoxe Films are also partnering on a McAfee film, theirs reportedly based on the subject's own memoirs of his life and many hair bleachings. Warner has the jump on them by a few weeks, but Impact Future Media has something of an advantage in that they got from McAfee himself exclusive rights to his life story, from childhood to present day, probably including all the acoustic guitar songs it looks like he'd write about himself. They also already have a pretty solid working title: Running in the Background.

Just a shame that we've got these two McAfee films going at once, yet only one John Hawkes.

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