'Olympus Has Fallen' Trailer: Gerard Butler Beats Channing Tatum To Saving the President

January 22, 2013


One of two "Die Hard but in the White House" films coming out in the first half of the year, Olympus Has Fallen is the one that does not involve Channing Tatum saving President Jamie Foxx. THAT'S White House Down. This is the one where dishonored former secret service guy Gerard Butler saves America, while murdering its dialect, by rescuing President Aaron Eckhart and grumbling stock phrases into his Bluetooth. It's also the one that comes out a few months earlier, so it's the first to present us with the radical concept of a lone hero disrupting his sit-up regimen to save the Commander in Chief. Here's the trailer:

If Morgan Freeman's ascent to President is somehow building up to the events of Deep Impact, and White House Down similarly finds a way to end with a natural segue into Armageddon, then please disregard everything negative I've ever said about these films.

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