'Robotech' Movie Still Happening, Now with a Director

January 25, 2013


Borrowing from the impractical concepts of their upcoming Pacific Rim, Warner Bros. has decided to place all their hopes for the future into the metal, unwieldy hands of giant, human-piloted robots.

While they've already got that film coming out this summer, and its sequel prematurely in development, they're now looking at developing the anime Robotech into a feature film filled with even more giant mechas fighting off alien whatevers. The studio originally teamed with Tobey Maguire's Maguire Entertainment to pick up the rights back in 2007, and had planned to make Maguire the lead pilot after he showed such promise piloting a horse. Various writers worked on the project over the years, but eventually it just got too messy and Warner seemed to abandon it, like so many a Robotech model kit you thought would be easier to glue together.

But now it looks like the film is back on, with THR reporting that director Nic Mathieu has been hired on. He's largely a commercial director, and as you can see in the Zentih spot below, he's already experienced in the language of CGI spaceships, aliens, and kabooms necessary for a Robotech adaptation. While Mathieu has yet to make his feature debut, Warner already has him attached to direct another sci-fi project, The Wind; that will likely shoot first, as it already has a completed script from David Koepp, while Robotech is currently at the stage of a poster for Brothers with a robot drawn over Natalie Portman.

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