'The Call' Trailer: Here's Halle Berry's Low-Rent 'Rescue 911'

January 11, 2013


911 operator Halle Berry gets hung up on then calls back a girl hiding from a home invader, then learns why that is kind of a dumb thing to do, in The Machinist director Brad Anderson and WWE Studios' The Call.

As you might expect, that hiding girl totally ends up getting killed thanks to the call back, and it sends Berry into a spiral of depression that lasts through at least one scene of rooftop moping. Then it's back to the cinematic thrills of speaking into a headset when the same killer kidnaps Abigail Breslin, who also ends up with the fortune of getting a call out to Berry 911. AND THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL. This time Berry 911 is going to try slightly harder not to do any stupid shit. Here's the trailer:

And featuring Michael Imperioli as Guy Trying To Also Call Berry 911 But Never Mind There's a Shovel and Those Numbers Were Way Too Big for That To Be a Real Phone Anyway.

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