'The East' Trailer: Anti-Corporate Anarchist Group Finds Time for Romance

January 21, 2013


Brit Marling goes undercover in an anarchist collective and finds herself TOO DEEP, right in its irresistibly-hunky center, in The East. Marling, who co-wrote the film with yes-his-name-is-"Batman" director Zal Batmanglij, stars as a private investigator who caters to upscale business clientele that send her on a mission to infiltrate a clandestine group threatening action against corporate greed and pollution. Her internal conflict escalates beyond feigning "fuck the man!" when she realizes she'd more like to fuck the man fucking the man: anarchist group leader Alexander Skarsgård, who she's totally been crushing on ever since they first shared appalled reactions over photos of oil-covered birds.

Here's the first trailer, which doesn't really set up most of that but does establish Ellen Page as ominous narrator of the cause, warning heartless CEOs that there will be consequences to their actions, honest to blog.

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