The Rock Making Teddy Bear Movie

January 23, 2013


G.I. Joe and the Fast series pigeonholing him as a kid who only plays with cars and army guys, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is breaking free of the gendered confines of his daycare's "Boys' Fun Box" to try a plush toy for a change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he'll produce and potentially star in a film tentatively called Teddy Bear, based on this internet-popular DeviantArt drawing by Alex Panagopoulos and the logic that Ted has made stuffed bears a really hot subject.

teddy-bear.jpgOne of Rock's former assistant's reportedly brought the image (right) to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island producers FlynnPictureCo and New Line, the Tooth Fairy star only attaching himself once he realized he'd again get to loom over some sleeping children. No writer is yet attached, and those involved will not yet confirm that the story is about a bear defending a slumbering kid from manifested nightmares, even though that is pretty much all you can do with this drawing.

Rival studios looking for movie ideas on DeviantArt are expected to get pretty freaked out by some super-weird shit involving minor Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

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