Toby Jones Returning to 'Captain America 2', Hopefully As a Face-Belly This Time

January 21, 2013


Toby Jones--or, at the very least, his extremely ample head--is returning to the Marvel Universe.

Speaking to HeyUGuys (via), Jones revealed "it looks like [he] will be" reprising his role as evil scientist Arnim Zola in the upcoming Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier. In the comics, Zola survived through World War II by projecting his brain into a robot body that bears his face in its torso (Zola was created by Jack Kirby, and pretty much every other idea he had involved sticking a broad human face in a metal casing). The First Avenger briefly teased a similar future for the character with a brief shot of plans for Zola's robo-body, but it's not yet clear if such an out-there concept will actually be pursued. All we can do is wait, and hope that face-bellies prevail. Good luck, face-bellies.

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