'Y: The Last Man' Movie Now Has a Director To Oversee the Stagnation

January 10, 2013


After reportedly meeting with potential directors for the last four months--which is pretty quick action in terms of this now decade-in-development film--New Line has decided on a director for their adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

Their choice? Dan Trachtenberg, a director from the increasingly-overfished pool of commercial directors. Trachtenberg is also a former podcaster, and directed the highly-watched tribute short Portal: No Escape (below), which took the Portal video game mechanics and asked, "What if we added push-ups?"

First a comic by Brian K. Vaughn before becoming a new gold standard for Development Hell, Y: The Last Man centers on a young man and his monkey traversing a dystopian world where every male on Earth but him has died. DJ Caruso was formerly signed on as director, and his Eagle Eye/Disturbia muse Shia LaBeouf was to star, but currently no actors are attached to the project. Just give a few more years.

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