'6 Souls' Trailer: Julianne Moore's Horror-Thriller Finally Deemed Good Enough To Slap in Theaters

February 20, 2013


Released in the UK three years ago as "Shelter" and already on DVD in Canada, where Julianne Moore's screen presence exchange rate is higher, 6 Souls has meanwhile long been shelved in the US for reasons of not being very good. Or at least it wasn't very good before. Now it's apparently good enough. Though Moore forgot to mention it in her Golden Globe acceptance speech, the film is getting domestic release on-demand this March, and will finally hit theaters in April--over five years since the production first began casting inbred freak children. How time flies.

Moore stars as a psychiatrist tasked with treating Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a mental patient troubled by multiple personality disorder. She vows to cure him, but ut oh, it's not that easy, Julianne Moore! The other personalities ARE DEAD PEOPLE. Probably about six dead people, I'd reason.

Watch the trailer below. Or just trust that the director of Underworld: Awakening have delivered again.

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