Actual 'Argo' Concept Art Way More Awesome Than Affleck's Crap

February 20, 2013


In Oscar-favorite Ben Affleck Pretends To Make a Movie: The Movie, one of Affleck's classic Affleck tricks is showing off some concept art from his fake production, even giving some away to his questioners. The film showed glimpses of the images as being pretty tame, unmemorable scenes of guys zipping around a desert on flying jet-skis, but as Armageddon once made clear, Affleck is not truth. In reality, the concept art was way fucking crazier than that, crafted by comics genius Jack Kirby prior to the government's involvement, when a guy named Barry Geller was trying to actually get the sci-fi film made under the title Lord of Light.

But while Argo did not use those drawings--probably because everyone in the audience would have been wondering why Iran wasn't like, "Sorry, Affleck, you can leave right now; we do not have any platforms resting atop four giant Galactus guys"--they're thankfully still around, and Buzzfeed has some high-res shots of the art. Have a look, then let's figure out how we're going to get this movie made for real, because wait until you see how awesome the Planetary Control Room is.

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