Batman To Trail Bane Up Mount Everest, Which Sounds More Awesome Than It Is

February 19, 2013


Just as Catwoman and Joker once fought to make the best movie about fucking Jake Gyllenhaal, so too will Batman and Bane square off to see who is best at doing a terrible job climbing Mount Everest.

Back in September, Tom Hardy joined Everest, Doug Liman's film about George Mallory, the British explorer who in 1924 died attempting to hit--and possibly reaching--the mountain's summit. And now, Deadline reports, Christian Bale will likely be following Hardy up. He's in talks to star in another film called Everest, this one about a trio of 1996 expeditions that similarly ended with the loss of life, eight of the climbers dying after a blinding storm hit the groups. (Spoilers.)

The story was previously told in the 1997 TV movie Into Thin Air, but the biggest star of that film was probably Richard Jenkins, so Contraband director Baltasar Kormákur is now going to make this a bigger thing with Bale in the lead. It may seem unnecessary to re-tell the same story again, and to have two films about the same struggle come out in a year, but as I said before: at least, finally, THE STORY OF EVEREST WILL BE TOLD. And this time without classic film prick Christopher McDonald in a lead role.

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