Bruce Lee "Origin Story" To Just Make Everything Up

February 20, 2013


Exciting news for Bruce Lee fans: QED International and Groundswell Productions have announced plans for Birth of the Dragon, a Bruce Lee film unique in that it will not star Bruce Lee nor concern things Bruce Lee actually did.

Despite being described as an "origin story," the film will not detail Lee's upbringing, training, or entry into the world of film. After all, Jason Scott Lee already took care of that well enough. Instead, the film picks up right up after Lee's 1965 fight against fellow martial artist Wong Jack Man, then reportedly gets bored with the facts and asks, "Wouldn't it be cool if, after the fight, Bruce Lee teamed up with this guy to kick ass against Chinatown's powerful Hong Kong triads?" And indeed, it would be cool if Bruce Lee did that. But maybe it's not quite as cool if it's just some dude calling himself Bruce Lee, doing that in a Bruce Lee origin movie that in no way reflects Bruce Lee's actual origins. Shame, too, that we already know how it's going to end:

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