Harrison Ford Supposedly Returning as Chewbacca's White Friend

February 15, 2013


Disney's shift toward turning Star Wars into a delightful Best Exotic Marigold Hotel-in-Space has begun with the casting of their first grouchy, perpetually-scowling septuagenerian.

Following reports that Michael Arndt's Episode VII script calls for a necessarily "much older Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo," and rumors that Harrison Ford is showing a very not-Harrison-Ford-like enthusiasm for stuffing himself into a little vest again, LatinoReview is now claiming Ford will indeed return to play Han Solo. It's not yet clear if that means he'll return for Star Wars: Episode VII, or if he'll perhaps be used as a framing device for The Young Han Solo Chronicles, bookending the film in a rocking hover-chair, wistfully recalling, "And that's how I fought the Star Wars." But it is supposedly official. It is also not yet clear if Mark Hamill and/or Carrie Fisher will also reprise their roles, or if the addition of Jedi Maggie Smith will provide enough love-hate back-and-forth.

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