'Stand Off' Trailer/Poster: So This Is What Brendan Fraser Has Been Doing

February 19, 2013


Physically absent from cinemas since Furry Vengeance bizarrely played them off to "Insane in the Membrane," Brendan Fraser and his little gull-winged hair buddy return to screens this Friday with Stand Off. The film focuses on a small-time gambler who gets into debt with a mob guy, who threatens to take the guy's infant son if he's not paid. Then the film quickly realizes Brendan Fraser is top-billed, and asks, "How could we abruptly make this a Brendan Fraser movie?" The obvious answer is to make the gangster a mummy, but Stand Off instead goes the somehow more-convoluted route: young gambler robs a fish market, which somehow results in his acquiring some rare old coins, leading him to take sympathetic antiques dealer Brendan Fraser hostage in an effort to appraise them. Also, Star Trek: TNG/DS9's Colm Meaney is a cop. Sure!

Back when Fraser's involvement was first reported, it was said he was playing a fishmonger, and the film was sold as a comedy called Whole Lotta Sole. But that was before this poster of an ember-covered Fraser holding an assault rifle for some reason:


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