'The Internship' Trailer: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson Play Themselves Again, Now on Google's Campus

February 13, 2013


Those looking for a spiritual successor to The Dilemma appear to now have it in The Internship, another film in which Vince Vaughn will pal around with an old friend and be his co-worker, because that's what he actually is, and that's easier than playing a character or asking anyone to cut their hair or anything. This time, he's with established Wedding Crashers co-friend Owen Wilson, the two playing employees of some sort of outfit that resembles a high-class Canal St. sidewalk operation, their jobs involving taking clients out to a fancy dinner and showing them briefcases full of watches. That doesn't last long, though: boss John Goodman soon tells them that they're laid off, as "everything's computerized now"--and that includes the business of filling a briefcase with watches, taking a fella out to a nice dinner, and trying to sell him those watches. Computers do that now.

The lay-offs leave Wilson with just that confused, agape pucker he will never stop doing, but Vaughn is all, "Waitaminute, computers!", and forms a plan: how about they try to get internships at Google? "But they are too old and unqualified to be Google interns," you say? Well, you just spoiled all the jokes. That was going to be the movie. Nonetheless, here's the trailer, in which Vaughn and Wilson do not understand the modernities of X-Men, webcams, nor permanent markers, but can drop a Hunger Games reference as needed for a gag.

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