Time-Traveling Sleepy Hollow Gets Its Lead, and Other TV Stuff

February 26, 2013


- British actor Tom Mison will reportedly star as Ichabod Crane in Fox's pilot for Sleepy Hollow. The show of course modernizes the tale, but probably not the way you're thinking: Crane somehow time-travels to the present day, where he joins the modern Hollow police force and at last gives Washington Irving's tale of a decapitated ghost jockey the few extra levels of convolution it always needed.

- With several networks already interested, Maya Rudolph is reportedly working on bringing back and hosting a variety show, before NBC ends up turning Up All Night into one.

- Scary Movie 5 will for some reason not be the last time we see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan reclined together outside a funeral parlor. Lohan has now signed on for a guest appearance on Sheen's Anger Management series, where she'll play his patient-cum-love-interest and, naturally, herself.

- Alicia Silverstone has joined Lifetime's pilot for HR, a series that would see her as a human resources director who "inspires the business to strive for new ambitions and profits" following a personality-altering head trauma. See? There's a way through the glass ceiling. Concussion.

- AMC's Revolutionary War-era drama Turn has found a lead in Jamie Bell. He'll play a black market cabbage farmer captured and turned a Patriot spy, because originality is dead.

- Chris Onstad's cult-adored webcomic, Achewood, might be becoming a series. Here's some test footage:


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