You're Getting Another 'Grinch' Movie

February 8, 2013


Universal Pictures, never stingy when it comes to the gift of overproduced Dr. Seuss parables, have reportedly begun work on an all-new version of the oft-adapted How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

As with The Lorax, the studio is working with its Illumination Entertainment division to overwrite our hand-drawn and Jim Carrey-filled memories with modern 3D animation this time. And as is increasingly the case as of late, a commercials and music video director will be helming the project, with THR reporting that the task of directing has been given to Peter Candeland. He's never directed a feature before, but Candeland does have the animation experience: he's credited on Balto, The Return of Jafar, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Gorillaz videos, and on those animated parts of Tank Girl that were even more surreal than seeing Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo. He also presumably has experience in responding to, "Oh, like the game!" with a polite chuckle and a, "Yes, but with an 'e'," so give the guy a break on the whole remake thing. Leonardo DiCaprio's newfound slave hobby has already given him enough bullshit.

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