Aaron Eckhart Gets His Shot at Daughter-Saving in 'Erased' Trailer

March 1, 2013


With Liam Neeson and Nicolas Cage already knee-deep in shouting on cell phones to save their pretty teenage daughters, Aaron Eckhart figures he'd better get in on this too with the unabashedly-familiar Erased.

In the film, Eckhart works at some kind of generic clandestine organization--the kind of place Bourne probably interviewed before feeling the vibe more at Treadstone--where he's an engineer AND a super-awesome black ops guy, of course. Making for particularly bad timing for an impromptu bring-your-daughter-to-work day, he ends up taking his girl to the job on what happens to be the day his bosses have shut everything down, moved out, and decided to send some other black ops guys to kill him. Aaron Eckhart is going to be "Erased" (in theaters May 10 and on-demand April 5)! Also, his daughter is at some point going to get kidnapped, but you know how that goes. Or if not, here's a trailer to lay it out for you:

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