'After Earth' Trailer: Will Smith Talks, Jaden Smith Fights Baboons

March 8, 2013


Expanding on the oh-so-brief Welcome to Earth Will Smith gave us with the first trailer, here's a new preview for the Smith clan's adventure in sci-fi jungle survival and nepotism, After Earth. This one makes the specifics of the plot a little more clear: Jaden Smith stars as a talented young military cadet whose brashness has caused him to miss his promotion to the presumed rank of Will. Will Smith, logically, plays his father, a stoic and serious man who you'd think would be a terrible foil to Tommy Lee Jones. Anyway, as father-son bonding experience, they take a little space vacation on some kind of spaceship manta ray, which ends up crash-landing and saving only its most vital cargo: the delightful cast of The Pursuit of Happyness.

Well, turns out the place they crash-land is Earth, though not recognizably so; just for the audience-pleasing brand recognition. This Earth is overrun by baboons, giant birds, and saber-toothed cats, all bent on killing man before mankind can enslave them and usher in a new era of The Flintstones. Jaden is tasked with fighting his way through these creatures to reach his crashed ship's lost homing beacon. The elder Smith just kind of lounges around providing the guidance of stilted, solemn voiceover, reminding his son, "Fear is a choice," and, "You should do another Karate Kid before you get too old."

Also, the film is co-written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, so keep your eye out for the inevitable twist. Like how maybe their After Earth is somehow our prehistoric Earth, as if that would make a difference to anything. Or maybe Jaden died in the crash and Will Smith is God, the baboons his shit-slinging avenging angels. Something like that.

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