Bill Murray Is Melissa McCarthy's Latest Comedy Buddy

March 12, 2013


In just a few short years, she's already risen to star opposite such big names as Jason Bateman, Sandra Bullock, and even "Mike." Now, Melissa McCarthy's star has climbed enough that she'll appear opposite pretty much the best person, co-starring with Bill Murray in St. Vincent De Van Nuys.

According to Deadline, McCarthy's part is one a lot of top comic actresses had been chasing, and the actress had to fight for it--and with her usual belligerent shouting and physicality. She'll play the struggling single mother working two hospital shifts to support her 12-year-old son. Bill Murray plays her neighbor, a lying, cheating, hard-drinking, decadent misanthrope who is nonetheless lovable, because it's Bill Murray. McCarthy's busy schedule forces her to leave her son with Murray, and the two form a bond that is unlikely if you haven't seen About a Boy.

Ted Melfi is directing from his own script, which the choosy (unless you count Passion Play) Murray apparently loved enough to call Melfi and get the production moving. That's the kind of power Bill Murray has. That's why he's Bill Murray.

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