Disney Already Making 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Sequel

March 8, 2013


Though the draw of Oz: The Great and Powerful is ostensibly that it adds something new to a beloved, well-known story, with the film tracking a $90 million-plus opening this weekend, Disney has decided to test if they might get similar results by dropping the "new" part and just re-hashing the well-known story, too.

Thus, Variety reports the studio has quickly begun work on developing an Oz sequel for anyone unaware that there's already a sequel predating James Franco. Mitchell Kapner, who co-wrote Sam Raimi's new film with David Lindsay-Abaire, has been hired for the screenplay. There aren't yet any plot details available, but assumedly the story would, you know, be The Wizard of Oz--though not without some exceptions. While L. Frank Baum's book is public domain, free to be CGI-filled or turned into a vampire adventure as desired, certain elements of MGM's famed adaptation were invented by and still belong to the studio. Most notably, the new film won't be able to give Dorothy ruby slippers, as those were only made garish in the 1939 film to take full advantage of Technicolor. And while the new adaptation could still be made to sync up with Dark Side of the Moon, it just wouldn't feel as cool now. Even high.

Still, it wouldn't be the first time The Wizard of Oz gets a remake. And just as MGM's additions are now thought of as some of the most iconic images, who's to say Sam Raimi couldn't similarly revolutionize the tale? Now the Munchkin in the background hanging himself could have the strong chin of Bruce Campbell!

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