Disney Giving 'Beauty and the Beast' Another Try

March 12, 2013


Looks like painfully-updated fairy tales aren't going away, even if memories of Beastly apparently already have.

Though Guillermo del Toro is already doing this, Disney has reportedly begun work on a revisionist take on their already-classic Beauty and the Beast, hiring Danny Boyle's Trance writer Joe Ahearne to craft a new take on making Stockholm syndrome bestiality seem romantic somehow. Not much is yet known about the production, but with Disney coming off the weekend's big success of Oz: The Lurid and Francoful, Deadline confirms "this will be live action, and most certainly 3D." Insolent to the memory of Swayze, the film will be called The Beast.

The film now joins Brave and November's upcoming, Kristen Bell-starring Frozen among Disney's admirable recent attempts to focus more on female heroines. It also joins those films in that, if the whole female protagonist thing doesn't work out, its title can just be sold off as a Gatorade flavor.

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