Final 'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Fall of Iron Man, Rise of Iron Men Race

March 5, 2013


Here's what's supposedly the final Iron Man 3 trailer, and it looks like things are getting pretty Nolan Batman-y for Robert Downey Jr. this time around. He's moping around his luxurious home! His girlfriend is in dire peril! Mid-air planes are dumping out passengers! There's a sociopathic villain speaking in droning, drawn-out syllables! Michael Caine now plays loving assistant Pepper Potts! Thankfully, Iron Man seems to now have a whole army of Iron Guys to fight back, so things should probably be alright. Collect them all, kids, and have a look below.




Sports Bra Paltrow is pissed. But is she stripped down to fit in an Iron Man suit? Or is this all a visual metaphor for the burn one feels doing an officially-licensed goop workout?


Alright, that's pretty cool.

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