'Frances Ha' Trailer: Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach Re-Team, Increase in Strength

March 5, 2013


Greta Gerwig, relatable goddess of flighty and comically-struggling young city life, has been re-summoned to the alter of Greenberg director Noah Baumbach, starring in and co-writing his dramedy Frances Ha. Here's the trailer to confirm, yes, that movie will be exactly the indie thing you'd expect that to be, if not more so. Because it's also black and white.

Bonus: If you're a fan of Baumbach and Gerwig, and if you also like the Dirty Projectors and live in or around North Brooklyn, you might want to stop by Greenpoint's Warsaw later this afternoon. All of those aforementioned entities are combining for some kind of film shoot involving the Dirty Projectors playing some tunes as a fictionalized band, and you can be an extra (which apparently involves free beer). If you're interested, email march5cast@gmail.com for details. I may well be there, snooping and drinking their beer, so wave "hi."

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