'Horrible Bosses' Director To Keep Doing Things with These Guys

March 14, 2013


He left two-thirds of his Horrible Bosses cast out of Identity Theft, but now director Seth Gordon is preparing to make things right with them and, indeed, the world, with One Night on the Hudson. THR reports Gordon will direct his former stars Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day in the film, which is being described as a thriller despite expectations for hijinks. The two would play cops--by-the-books rookie and jaded veteran, naturally, near-identical ages be damned--attempting to protect a federal witness in transport from Jersey to Manhattan. Hey, that's where the Hudson River part comes in! On the way, crooked cops and criminals get in their way and allow for maybe a Jason Bateman cameo.

As a reminder, Gordon also once directed King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, back before he got exclusively into the genre of comedic television actors driving and screaming.

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