Hugh Jackman To Star in 'Six Years' Adaptation, Where He Will Not Sing or Have Claws

March 19, 2013


Hugh Jackman had made his first film commitment since the Academy Awards declared him a pretty good actor (but obviously not like Daniel Day-Lewis-caliber or anything).

THR reports the very decent actor is attached to star in Six Years, Paramount's just-acquired adaptation of Harlan Coben's new novel of the same name. In the film, Jackman will play a man who sees the love of his life leave him to marry another man. SIX YEARS later, he sees that dude's obituary and decides to go to the funeral, hoping to catch a glimpse of his lost love. Thing is, instead of finding her, and getting into a whole argument about whether or not it's appropriate to show up at your ex-girlfriend's husband's funeral, he finds out the widow is actually some other lady who's been married to this dead guy for almost twenty years. As the title reminds you, this is much longer than makes sense for the given timeline of events, and it sends Jackman on an investigation that uncovers a confusing web of lies and apparent cover-ups. What really happened those SIX YEARS ago? And why can't Hugh Jackman just stalk his ex-girlfriends on the internet, like a normal person? How many years does this guy need to figure out Facebook?

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