'Jurassic Park 4' Finds Surprising Director in 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Guy

March 15, 2013


Having shown aptitude at handling eccentrics with grandiose sci-fi notions, Colin Trevorrow has reportedly been signed to direct Universal's long-developing new Jurassic Park sequel. Trevorrow's first and only feature credit came with last year's Safety Not Guaranteed, the indie comedy in which Mark Duplass puts out an ad for a time travel companion, and Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson try to figure out what his deal is. It was made for about what the original Jurassic Park spent on Sam Neill's ascots, so this new job would clearly be a huge leap in scope for the director. But apparently, "He met with the studio and filmmakers, and they felt he was a good match for the material, having grown up a huge fan of the trilogy and part of a new generation of directors steeped in all things dinosaur." Presumably, the sequel will be a retread of the first half-hour of the first film, and only in the very end will you see if this crazy fuck Hammond is telling the truth or not.

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