Kristen Wiig Will Do Mentally Ill for Will Ferrell Again

March 21, 2013


We already know Kristen Wiig has a part in the upcoming Anchorman sequel, but hey, it turns out that won't be the end of the actress acting mentally ill for Will Ferrell.

Now she's reportedly in talks to do that more explicitly in Welcome to Me, an indie comedy from Adam McKay's wife/Jeremy Piven's sister, Shira Piven. Wiig would play a woman with dissociative personality disorder who wins the lottery; she uses her newfound riches to fund a talk show about her life for cable access. Apparently that costs a lot, even though I'm fairly certain I have seen numerous mentally ill people who have not won the lottery already on cable access. I guess this will have higher production values than the show where an old guy pulls his penis out and works it like a puppet. Anyway, Ferrell and McKay are producing through their Gary Sanchez Productions. Just as soon as they finish up with the other little indie they're making where Hansel and Gretel kill more witches.

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