'Mad Men' Season Six Goes Authentically Retro, Maybe Adds Evil Clones

March 11, 2013


With Mad Men coming back in less than a month, returning viewers to the glamorous era of being casually drunk a lot, AMC has debuted a stylish new poster for the series. As you can see, it takes on a distinctly-dated look, which it turns out series creator Matthew Weiner got by finding an illustrator who really used to do things like this--75-year-old veteran artist Brian Sanders. As you can also see, Don Draper seems to be passing by himself, perhaps as symbolism for how the character continually tries to walk away from his past. Or because in the two-hour premiere, Pete builds a robot Don to win a science fair, only to see his creation escape and start a competing ad firm, sending Cooper on a one-man stealth mission to short circuit AutomaDon before he steals all their accounts--and women! Decide with the full poster below.



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