Michael Keaton Steals Diamonds from Blind Woman's Ice Cube Tray in 'Penthouse North' Trailer

March 14, 2013


As we've seen time and time again, the comeback of Michael Keaton is already well underway. And that's probably a good thing for him, because now no one can stop it once they see this trailer for Penthouse North.

Michelle Monaghan stars as a blind woman whose boyfriend wants to marry her SO HARD. But as you'll see below, that is not going to happen, because he gets murdered pretty quick by a killer who also captures Monaghan. She somehow escapes into the arms of district attorney Michael Keaton, but if you can believe it, this is a world where it turns out even Michael Keaton cannot be trusted; he's in cahoots with the other guy to steal all the diamonds Michelle Monaghan keeps hidden somewhere. So, naturally, they waterboard her until she admits she pretends the diamonds are very small ice cubes. But it's fine, because then she murders them back, and that is the movie. Like I said, it is not a very good trailer. But give Keaton a break. He made this before he knew The Season of Keaton had arrived.


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