Sony Dubiously Keeping Head Above Water with 'Good Times' Movie

March 12, 2013


Sony Pictures and Scott Rudin have revealed plans to remake the '70s sitcom Good Times, now turning it into a feature film to explore socio-political strife and whether anyone still responds to a man enthusiastically screaming about dynamite.

Rudin has already revisited the '70s once, having produced the 2000 version of Shaft, but for this remake he plans to do more than just add Samuel L. Jackson, even if he also ends up doing that. Recently-hired screenwriter Phil Johnston has reportedly been told to place the Evans family in the 1960s to add even more racial and political turbulence, much like moving the Brady Bunch to the '90s made it twice as hilarious.

The original series, a spin-off of Maude, focused on a working-class family struggling to get by living in the projects of Chicago. It was notable for, in a sitcom first, showing the lives of African-Americans in poor urban housing, and, in a sitcom standard, for increasingly relying on tired catchphrases, leading to Jimmie Walker's frequent shouting of, "Dy-no-mite!" And now that it's sinking in that Kel from Goodburger is too old to take on that role, this is starting to seem even more pointless, isn't it?

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