'Veronica Mars' Movie Coming, Assuming You Pay for It

March 13, 2013


Still suspiciously quiet about that Party Down movie he owes us, not-Matchbox Twenty Rob Thomas has tellingly moved on to offering the possibility of another of his creations becoming a film. Now he's teasing a Veronica Mars movie to please the cult of fans and keep Kristen Bell out of When in Rome 2, setting up a Kickstarter that will apparently greenlight the project if it can hit its $2 million goal within the next 30 days. Considering that it's already at nearly half its goal as of writing this, it seems pretty likely to happen, but if you want to get in on some of the donation prizes (sorry, the $10,000 speaking role is already gone), head over here and give some money to help out. And look below for a video of the old cast reunited and now pleading for your dollars. The more they get over their goal, the less the film will look like you're watching a CW show, and that's always a good thing.

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