Warwick Davis Also Up for 'Star Wars', Pending Promotion to Jedi

March 13, 2013


We recently heard it on fairly good authority that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will be returning for Star Wars. So now, logically, you're probably wondering, "Hey, what about Warwick Davis? Will the guy who played child Greedo and an Ewok be back to play a really old Wicket or something?" Well, he sure will! Assuming someone asks. Also, if he's got the choice one way or the other, he'd like to not be an Ewok and instead be a Sith lord.

Recently speaking to IGN (via), Davis confirmed he's looking for a part in the upcoming Star Wars sequels, but unlike fellow former cast member Sam "I don't care, I'll be a hologram or whatever" Jackson, he's has some requests for his role. Either playing up or completely dispelling the satire of Life's Too Short, Davis said:

"I love to perform so to be able to go back into something like Star Wars... what a lovely thing that would be to say, that I've been in all three trilogies. I'm not dying to get back inside an Ewok suit. I'm happy to play a villain perhaps, [or] a Jedi. A villain with a light saber is the ultimate goal, if that's not asking too much. I never got a light saber before and I think just to have one of them, to be able to wave one of them around a little bit, would be huge. I'm dropping loads of hints at the moment, so we'll see what happens."

Ball's in your court now, Abrams. You want Warwick Davis: you give him a lightsaber. Or not, and the elderly Wicket thing would probably be fine, too. Whatever serves the story, you know?

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