'White House Down' Trailer: Other Guy with Abs Will Now Similarly Save the White House

March 27, 2013


Allowing Gerard Butler over half a week of being America's sole savior of White Houses, Columbia Pictures has tastefully waited until today to officially shout, "Hey, Channing Tatum did that too!" with the first trailer for White House Down. Their version of Die Hard: Extra Xenophobic Jingoism, Please! seems to take on a slightly more solemn tone than Olympus Has Fallen, and as it is directed by 2012 and ID4's Roland Emmerich, it is also stuffed with CGI explosives and basically just looks like a disaster movie. This teaser doesn't make clear who exactly is causing said explosions, but whoever it is, one thing is quite certain: Channing Tatum will shoot guns at them.

And here you thought Daniel Day-Lewis had the most accurate interpretation of Lincoln's words.

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