Allison Williams Joins 'Rosaline', 'Fantastic Four' Rumor Mill

April 30, 2013


Allison Williams--Girls co-star and heir to Brian Williams' hidden stockpile of evening news too disturbing for the world to hear--has secured her first feature film part in the title role of the Shawn Levy-produced Rosaline. Based on Rebecca Serle's debut novel, the film is a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet, with the added twist that it's told from the perspective of Romeo's original love, who's later left for Juliet.

But on to the geeky, wildly-speculative half of this story: Deadline also claims Williams is on the short list to join Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Assumedly she'd be filling Jessica Alba's Invisible Woman role with similar levels of beauty and personality, but even that's not yet being confirmed. Please hold off on all the Fantastic Four/Girls cross-over photoshops you might be thinking of. Because if this ends up being bullshit, it will look crazy that you possess the image of a flame-covered Zosia Mamet.

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