'Breaking Bad' Lawyer Saul Goodman May Really Get His Own Show

April 9, 2013


Once just something Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan would bring up to toy with our emotions, a Saul Goodman spin-off series is now starting to sound like a thing that might actually happen somehow. Deadline cautions "there are no deals in place yet as the project is in its nascent stages," but they say Gilligan, AMC, and the creator of Goodman, writer-producer Peter Gould, are in talks to extend the life of Breaking Bad with a show centered on Bob Odenkirk's endearingly shit-headed lawyer. As the character is mostly a comic relief to all the show's soul-crushing violence and despair, his series would reportedly be a comedy, and it's not yet decided if it would be one-hour or half-hour format. And so AMC is aware, I would also be completely fine with it just being episodes of The Good Wife with Odenkirk doing Julianna Margulies's part.

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